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Tabriz and Islamic Azad University of Tabriz at a Glance
Tabriz is one of the largest cities of Iran and the center of the East Azarbaijan province. Tabriz is known as the administrative, communicational, commercial, industrial, political and cultural pole of this area. This city has been the political capital of Atabakan, Ilkhanian, Chupanian, Jalayerian, Qaraqoyunlus, and Aghgoyunlus, and also the first capital of the Safavid dynasty.
Tabriz is famous for being the city of pioneers. The first university of the world ( Rab-e- Rashidi), the first printing house, the first municipality, the first newspaper, the first cinema, the first kindergarten, the first Iranian deaf and dumb school, etc. were all established in this city. Among the famous people from Tabriz are ShamsTabrizi, SaebTabrizi, Allameh Amini, Allameh Tabatabaei, Allameh Jafari, etc. , and also notable contemporary poets such as Shahriar and Parvin Etesami.
 Nowadays, Tabriz is the second academic city of Iran after Tehran. There are several universities and higher education institutions in this city, belonging to the government and private sectors.
   Islamic Azad University of Tabriz is the first branch of the Islamic Azad University (IAU). This university was established on Nov. 13, 1982, and began its educational activities admitting 150 students in the fields of mathematics, physics, and civil engineering.During decades, with trust in God and the endeavors of its managers, professors, and employees, through precise planning and employing appropriate strategies, this university has succeeded in gaining remarkable academic and cultural progress, from which we can mention ranking 4th among nearly 400 branches of the Islamic Azad University and ranking 41st among all universities in Iran based on the report of Scimago institutions ranking. At the time being, Tabriz branch, as a comprehensive university, enjoys committed and motivated human resources, including 1127 professors (full time, part time, and invited), more than 26000 students, 850 staff, and 85000 graduated students.
        This academic pole in the northwest of Iran, in line with the goals of IAU, has targeted producing and developing modern technologies and knowledge in order to attain a scientific position and ongoing progress, with a focus on both science and economy. Therefore, currently, this branch has 12 faculties, 237 fields of study offering different degrees, 3 technical and vocational colleges, 8 schools offering primary to pre-university education (SAMA), 2 hospitals, namely Imam Sajad (peace be upon him) and Zakariya, 5 libraries (with more than 230000 books), 134 laboratories and specialty workshops, 11 research and development centers, 13 internet sites, a veterinary clinic, conference and meeting halls, a consulting center, a canteen, 2 multipurpose gyms, 4 dormitories, 2 guest houses, etc.
 It is worth mentioning that, enjoying the existing potentials of land and air access to the neighboring countries such as Azarbaijan, Armanestan, and Turkey, this branch has established an international campus to provide the students in these countries with the opportunity to get admitted and exchanged.
     At present, the young and talented researchers’ club ( with 500 members), 43 scientific associations, 4 student organizations, and the center for Shahed  and Isarghar students’ affaires are all active at this university.
     Additionally, in 2012, this university had the honor to host two unknown martyrs of the imposed war, whose tombs are in the Hosseinieh of the Amiralmomenin(peace be upon him) mosque of the university.
Some of the achievements and honors of Tabriz branch
  • Standing on the 4th place among nearly 400 branches of the Islamic Azad University and on the 41st place  among all universities in Iran based on the report of Scimago institutions ranking
  • Standing on the 2nd place in the international competitions of settling pilgrims of Baitullah al-haram in Saudi Arabia
  • Standing on the 1st place in designing the entrance door head of Iran national botanic garden
  • Establishing the first young researchers’ club of the IAU in Iran
  • Standing on the 2nd place in the international concrete cube competitions of the USA
  • Winning a silver medal in the 18th festival of inventions and innovations held by Malaysian Ministry of sciences
  • Standing on the 3rd place in the 7th international competitions of modern inventions and technologies in Croatia
  • Winning a gold medal by one of the students of Tabriz Islamic Azad University (Ali Bahari) in the Switzerland international competitions
  • Winning two gold medals, a statue, and honors diploma of the world female inventors by a member of  Tabriz young researchers’ club among 200 countries in the South Korea
  • Winning the award of Scopus 2014 of Elsevier institute by Dr Mohammadali Behnezhadi  an academic member of Tabriz Islamic Azad University, as the Iranian young scientist
  • Winning a gold medal and a silver one in the 12th international festival of inventions in Zagreb - Croatia by the students of Tabriz Islamic Azad University
  • Introducing Dr Mohammadali Behnezhadi and Dr Naser Modirshahla, two academic members of  Tabriz Islamic Azad University, as the international scientists according to the latest report of the ESI institute affiliated to Thomson Reuters (ISI) regarding world scientists’ ranking, within the period of Jan. 1, 2004 to Dec. 30,2014
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