The IAU General Director of Int’l Affairs Meets with Iraqi Minister of Higher Education 1395/08/15

تصویر مطلب The IAU General Director of Int’l Affairs Meets with Iraqi Minister of Higher Education

The general director of IAU international affairs, visited with a delegation from Iraq Ministry of Higher Education.

According to ISCA (Iran Student Correspondents Association), Dr. Hossein Ebrahimi hoped for the meeting to be the source of continuing both countries’ mutual academic and scientific cooperation.

He emphasized that IAU bears more than 50% percent of the country’s higher education which included a million and six-hundred students at AD, BA, MA, PhD, and DVM levels, and that “the university also has extensive activities in the field of research, establishing knowledge-based companies, incubators, and science and technology parks.”

“IAU has established 5 international branches in Lebanon, Afghanistan, the UAE, England, and Russia, and 2 offices in Italy and Germany so far. Plans are in the works to run IAU offices in other 16 countries,” said Dr. Ebrahimi.

Dr. Ebrahimi clarified that IAU announced its readiness for mutual academic and scientific cooperation, exchanging students, exploiting research opportunities, and collaborating in carrying out research projects and running knowledge-based companies last year in a meeting held at Iraq Ministry of Higher Education.

In response to the question of a member of the delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education, he stated that “Iraqi professors and researchers can collaborate with our Arabic and English journals, so Iraq can introduce capable professors to us. IAU already has 367 research journals which can also accomodate Iraqi academics.”


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